The program offers a diverse range of adventure, art and team based activities. While no single activity is compulsory students will be encouraged to take part in a variety of different options and experiment with new challenges.  There 12  and 23 days programs.

The activities are carried out in small groups with one experienced facilitator (supported by an outdoor  guide or language coach)  for every 10 participants. The activities take place at camp sites in protected areas of wilderness apt for nature based learning and adventure and will vary depending on the location and group’s needs and talents.

Solo time in the wild
The solo time is about making space to be silent, listen and reconnect with a deep understanding of your life’s purpose and the changes you may be going through at this point in your life; a magical and potentially transformative experience. After preparation in the group you will be alone in the wild for 12-24 hours. This is followed by sharing and celebrating personal stories with the group.

Via Ferrata · Climbing Trail
This beautiful day is a fun and gentle introduction to rock climbing. Our experienced guides will safeguard your journey through beautifully carved dry riverbeds, up colorful limestone cliffs and through ancient archways and caves. Once at the top you can relax and take in the stunning mountain scenery of the Pyrenees and a wonderful sense of achievement!

Water Trekking · Soul Vacation
Immersed in a strikingly beautiful natural environment, you will swim through pools of turquoise water, jump and slide down smooth rocks, enjoy time to relax and bath in the sun. A simple way to enjoy the beautiful valley of Sant Aniol and a unique experience you will never forget!

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing may look dangerous and crazy – but it isn’t! Allow our experienced guides to introduce you to this art and lifestyle. You will learn how to belay and trust each other and how to safely move up vertical cliffs. You will experience one of Europe’s most beautiful climbing areas – and it’s not just the rock climbing that makes this day so special but the time, conversations and experiences we share with each other in the valley.

Archery · finding your focus
Exercises for calming body and mind will prepare us to practice the art of sport-archery based on the ancient Samurai techniques of medieval Japan. Legend says “When the archer is ready… the bow comes”. Be present, focus on the target, become one with the bow and arrow… and shoot!

Eco-Building · Art in nature
Using mud, sand, clay and straw and other materials at hand we combine age-old and effective technologies with creativity to create something both useful and beautiful.  We follow the principles of permaculture, eco-building and appropriate technology to learn how easy it is to satisfy both our physical and spiritual needs with materials at hand.

Video, Music & dance · Finding your rhythm
With the support of experienced videoartist and musicians in the team you’ll have time to express yourself through images in motion, music, learn how to make videos, play new instrument, create a song, write a poem or simply feel the beat of a drum. And if you like dancing you’ll also be able to share new rhythms with the other participants learning from different cultures.

Yoga & massage · Age old techniques
You’ll learn a simple yoga sequence and breathing exercises to take home with you to energize your body and calm your mind, and you’ll have the chance to disover your own power to heal, give and receive massage, learning age old techniques such as Indian head massage, reflexology and how to make natural lotions and remedies.

Meditation · Shamanic journey
You’ll have the chance to learn about some of the many Shamanic traditions used for healing and celebration in indigenous communities around the world. We’ll share simple meditation techniques you can use at home and explore different cultures and beliefs in a beautiful geodesic dome.



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