Go Leila!

This video shows something very interesting, curious and special. Leila, one of our veteran participants (with 2 Avalon School experiences already :), reflects on the solo experience in nature she had at Avalon School. She explains how special the relationships she built among the participants and the team of Avalon School, and why the solo experience is the activity she enjoyed the most.


During the school, little by little, we share more about where we come from, what we like, how we live in our home countries… in short, who we are. We also learn more about who we want to be. The different activities, the attitude and motivation of participants quickly builds a community.

Probably this is one of the reasons why the solo experience is such an intense experience for all the participants. It’s a moment to individually reflect about what are they living, what matters to them and to take their time to connect with nature in their own way. Leila explains she created some drawings with some natural elements she had found.


We think we live in a hyperconnected world where we like, share and tweet at least once per day. But is this real connection? Sometimes real connection appears when you are just alone and you can take the necessary perspective to understand what really matters; and nature is the best classroom for that…


Gabriela Masfarré

Intern at Barcelonya