Into the second week

I´m not quite sure why Husoni and Mo (our blog directors) chose me to write about Monday´s viaferata trip. I can say nothing about how easy it as or how smoothly it went. I could talk about however, this trip how brave and supportive everyone was.


It started out with a small practice on a steep cliff where everybody learned how to use the abseiling tools. We were then back on the road to up-sail a vertical mountain. We were taken aback when Bernard (our guide) stopped and tied the ropes onto a large thick branched tree and prepared the next up-sail. It was soon that we´d realized the up-sail was not too difficult, especially with the support of cheers and chants of our group mates. Lunch was the next step where we had out activity of the day – we talked about the economy, education, food, and the environment. We were then more than ready to up-sail 25 meters of vertical mountain, or so I thought. Looking down at the ground that I almost did not see, I almost cried. It was not until I heard the cheers of my group mates that I had the courage to finally make the first move of the abseil.

It was by no means an easy challenge, but at the end of the day, I realized that that is what it takes for one to realize their true potential. What I also realized was that at the end of the trip, we all emerged as champions of courage and bravery.

I am very thankful that in every step of the trip, I had some one´s hand to hold, or someone´s voice cheering me on.

As I heard the cheers from down below echo words of guidance and support, stranded on the ropes, I realized that not only were physically strong, we were so too emotionally and at heart.

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