What Our Participants Say

Alejandro with full happinessThis is an experience that everyone should seriously think about. Firstly for the way you are treated and how the Avalon team connects with you, also for the values you learn and of course for the fantastic place and the people from different cultures you get to know. The experience is truly unforgettable. Thank you!.
Alejandro Cerda,
from Spain
banxayeu-169At Avalon I learnt so many new things I´ve never tried before.
I made friends with people from different countries and cultures and it felt like we were a family.
I’m so grateful to have taken part, the experience has been unforgettable and I hope to go back next year.
Banxayeu Casals,
aged 13, from Catalonia
ghadya169Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! Avalon is the place to make this happen – because you’re not judged by your grades, but your personality. Although we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we shared the same goal – to learn from each other – because we need many hands to make big changes in the world.
Ghayda Hamoudeh,
aged 16, from Palestine
simge242I will never forget about my week at Avalon. I made great friends and amazing memories doing so many things for the first time, climbing, building out of clay and meeting people from so many different countries
Simge Toksoz,
aged 18, from Turkey
belalI asked God to give me water, he gave my rivers, I asked God to give me a tree, he gave me woods, I asked God to give me light, he gave me the sun, I asked God to give me friends , he gave me you … thank you Avalon!
Belal Dalas,
aged 15, from Palestine
kevanhWords can’t express the joy, love and knowledge I gained in such a short time. At Avalon a shell of mine was broken unlocking creative thoughts I didn’t know I possessed. The summer was like the stars in the sky, it showed me you can be whatever you put your mind to. AHOO!
Kevaughn Campbell,
aged 18, from Jamaica
camilleOne of the biggest problems in the world right now is how we’re treating the environment, we all know the heat is coming down on us right now and here at Avalon they’ve helped me know I can help the system even just by small steps.
Camille Smith,
aged 19, from Jamaica
jannaThe best part was the solo, being by yourself in the wilderness, facing your fears, getting to know who you really are. Avalon is a beautiful experience, you learn about yourself, others and different cultures. It´s really worth it, Go if you can!
Janna Ribes,
aged 13, years from Spain
gimenaAvalon is a great way to learn English, learn about the environment and have fun. I especially loved the canonying, where you get to jump through waterfalls, and the archery and ecobuilding were great too.
Jimena Llobera,
aged 14, from Spain

Testimonials from our Volunteers

david_4-3Volunteering at Avalon School was mind-blowing. The open atmos-phere meant I could learn so much about myself from all the people around me and what could be better than being happy by making other people happy? It’s such a good feeling to receive an honest, satisfied and warm smile!
David Weingartner,
aged 25, from Germany
rosieBeing a volunteer at Avalon was non-stop from start to finish, it was hard work but also a lot of fun, the kids where wonderful and for me it was an incredibly rewarding experience.
Rosie Miller,
aged 29, from Scotland
miriamThis was an amazingly enriching experience for me, living in a beautiful natural environment with people from different parts of the world, religions and cultures and sharing a series of activities based around respect for others and the environment, personal development, art, consciousness and ecology. I also learnt about decision making processes and conflict resolution. It´s been great to work with people who want to change the world and I think this is an ideal camp for young people in the times of change we are living.
Miriam Saez,
aged 32, from Spain



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